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L-Lysine Capsules

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A vegetarian dietary supplement to support the body’s antibody, hormone and enzyme functions.

L-Lysine is a basic building block of all proteins. It is an essential amino acid in that it is required for human nutrition, but is not produced by the body.

Lysine is required for:

  • Growth and bone development in children
  • Assisting calcium absorption
  • Maintaining correct nitrogen balance in the body
  • Maintaining lean body mass
  • Antibody, hormone and enzyme production 
  • Collagen formation and tissue repair

L-Lysine supports:

  • Building of muscle protein
  • Supports the natural regeneration of cells via normal tissue repair processes
  • Supports natural immune response

L-Lysine deficiency may result in:

  • Enzyme disorders
  • Lack of energy
  • Weight loss
  • Slow growth
  • Poor appetite
  • Poor concentration