Pain Management

Pain Management

Pain is not just a side effect, it can also cause bodily damage.  It is easy for the general public to understand that pain can be an inhibitor of both performance in an occupation or enjoyment of free time, but pain is much more than an inhibitor.  Chronic pain can stem from a vast array of causes, can cause bodily harm, and can result in declining general health and wellness.

Many medications are used to help alleviate pain, and practitioners will often reach for medications of various forms in order to utilize some particular form of analgesic effect, including anesthetics, antiarrhythmics, anticonvulsants, antidepressants, antivirals, NMDA antagonists (dextromethorphan, ketamine), and multiple combinations of standard analgesics.

However, AgeVital Wellness is able to offer additional alternatives. We have the ability  to prescribe compounded medications of all kinds including transdermal and topical creams to facilitate absorption directly in the problem area.  Not only can this be beneficial in fighting pain, but it can often help avoid undesired side effects resulting from oral ingestion of the very same medications.  For example, a woman who has had severe knee pain might have taken large amounts of ibuprofen, resulting in undesired stomach issues.  However, she can apply a similar cream directly to her knee, treat her pain, and avoid her stomach completely.

Many medications can be compounded into transdermal gels and avoid the gastrointestinal system and first-pass hepatic metabolism through the liver. It is our mission to work with you and your practitioner to find the best delivery mechanism for the medications that you need to help you receive the treatment you need and maximize your quality of life.

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