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L-Glutamine Powder

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  • An amino acid supplement to support muscle metabolism, brain function and gut health.
  • Supplementing with L-Glutamine supports the maintenance of muscles, mental activity, immune response, proper mood balance, energy levels and digestive tract health.
  • L-Glutamine is a key component in the maintenance of healthy intestinal mucosa. A lack of glutamine may lead to a loss of enterocyte (cells in the small intestine) integrity in the lining of the intestines, which may affect digestion and absorption or allow pathogens into the body.
  • L-Glutamine can readily pass the blood-brain barrier and is used as fuel for the brain. L-Glutamine also supports GABA levels, which is needed to sustain proper brain function and mental activity.
  • Glutamine is also found in large amounts in the muscles and is readily available when needed for the synthesis of skeletal muscle proteins. For this reason it is a beneficial amino acid for body builders and to help prevent muscle wasting that can accompany prolonged bed rest or illness.
  • L-Glutamine also plays a role in protecting the body from high levels of ammonia and maintaining proper acid-base (pH) balance.