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Gluco PRO™ is a dietary supplement aimed at providing a three-pronged approach to metabolic support.

  1. Botanicals that work to support healthy glucose levels directly
  2. Nutrients to support insulin sensitivity
  3. Healthy nerve innervation support from fat-soluble B1 and the bioactive form of B6

Gluco PRO™, is formulated to deliver more. With the branded ingredients Glucevia®, GlucodOX® and BenfoPure®, Gluco PRO™  provides a balanced approach to energy balance.

The fruit and seeds of Fraxinus excelsior L. (commonly known as the Ash), have long been used, just like Ash bark and leaves, for medicinal purposes. In recent years, researchers have found its properties are supportive of metabolic health. In one human study, researchers concluded that “The administration of an extract from Fraxinus excelsior L. seeds/fruits in combination with a moderate hypocaloric diet may be beneficial in metabolic disturbances linked to impaired glucose tolerance, obesity, insulin resistance and inflammatory status, specifically in older adults” (Zulet et al., 2014.)

Glucevia®, which supports healthy glucose levels.

A combination of a Commiphora mukul (guggul) extract and a mediumchain triglyceride (MCT) oil composed of C8 and C10 fatty acids, GlucodOX® is a well-researched ingredient to support healthy lipid and glucose metabolism. The research on guggulsterones is clear: the mechanisms that control GlucodOX™’s action may support normal insulin sensitivity, cholesterol levels within normal ranges, regulate pre-adipoctye to adipocyte transformation balance, and support healthy glucose transport based on AMPK activity stimulation (“GlucodOX™ - Natural metabolic support,” 2013).

GlucodOX®  supports:

  • Blood glucose levels within normal ranges
  • Enhanced cellular energy
  • Balanced fat cell formation and storage

Vitamin B1, or thiamin, is known for its support of normal nerve health and function. A required cofactor in the production of certain enzymes (such as those involved in glucose metabolism pathways), thiamin is critical for healthy metabolic function. BenfoPure is a benfotiamine formulation, an analog of thiamin.  As a lipid-soluble compound, it is both more ready for use and more active than traditional forms of thiamin. Benfotiamine supports normal intracellular glucose levels, and normal rates of AGE formation. It also supports the healthy stimulation of the enzyme transketolase, which helps to convert toxic compounds into less harmful compounds.

Gluco PRO™  also contains B6, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid and Chromium. Supplementing with chromium can help the body to build lean muscle mass, maintain glucose and cholesterol levels within normal ranges, and metabolize fat more efficiently.