Why VitalCBD™ ?

 What are the health benefits of CBD? Why VitalCBD?


By working in the medical field closely with physicians and patients for several years, our primary commitment is to serve people who suffer from chronic conditions such as mild to chronic pain, neuro-psychiatric disorders, nausea and stress. Our passion has prompted us to explore the medical and health benefits of CBD for various health purposes. Our products are exceptional because of several reasons:

  • They are formulated by a translational team of clinical pharmacologists, biochemists, microbiologists, doctors of natural medicine, integrative medicine specialists, and pharmacists to conceptualize and utilize the health benefits of hemp extracts.
  • Our 20+ years of pharmacy practice, research, formulary work, and pharmacodynamics experience has helped us to develop a breakthrough line of products under VitalCBDTM.
  • Our carefully selected CBD has a 99.8% purity which is analyzed with HPLC on each compounded batch.
  • We use cGMP grade ingredients with novel delivery technology for enhanced absorption.
  • We utilize synergistic bimodal targeting for both receptors on the gastrointestinal tract/dermis with concomitant systemic absorption for a whole-body effect.
  • We use a physiologically precise dosage by taking into account loss due to xenobiotic metabolism, enteric activity of microbes, and other absorptive