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Proper weight balance is a key for health and longevity. Our AgeVital Wellness Centers’ weight loss program is a smart, scientific way to help you lose your weight while enhancing your health, increasing your energy and promoting optimal well-being for years to come. Dr. Jenny has con-ducted extensive research into how synergistically a combination of specific physical exercise, nutritional supplements, and the healthy food can all work together to enhance your fat burning and increase health muscle mass. Our program provides you a personal diet choices, natural supplement and exercise program to turn on your fat burning hormones, lose weight and slow down the aging process.

As we age, maintaining a proper weight becomes an even greater challenge. AgeVital Wellness  Centers’ physician-supervised medical weight loss program consists of a multi-dimensional approach that is integrated with customized nutrition, scientifically directed fitness and pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and supplements. We also will measure your hormone levels and combine natural bioidentical hormone therapy if your blood work reveals a hormone deficiency. Low thyroid hormone levels are a common correctable cause of weight gain that is frequently missed in traditional medicine.

We utilize the new science and technologies available to create a program that is specific for you and will allow you to achieve your goals in the least amount of time possible. The goal of this program is to help you learn what kinds of food and what level of exercise will naturally increase your weight loss hormones allowing you to lose fat, get lean, and get into incredible shape. We give you the simple tools to make healthy changes happen.

We know there is no single approach to weight loss. We have a number of personalized exceptional weight loss programs that can be tailored just for you to help you quickly reach your goals. In order to truly transform your body, we first assess your body composition, metabolic rate, nutrition, supplements, exercise capabilities, hormone levels, and many other factors that will maximize your results. Your custom prescription for optimal health starts from the inside. Every nutritional therapy and eating program varies from patient to patient, based on the results of your personal health evaluation.

Our physicians and weight loss team will work with you every step of the way to create a unique and targeted nutrition program, to increase your muscle mass, lower your body fat, and increase your metabolic rate. We also can coordinate your transformation with your personal trainer, nutritionist, or chef.

The Goals of Our AgeVital Wellness Centers are Simple ... to scientifically help you lose your weight and optimize your body composition. This will enhance your health, increase your energy and promote optimal well-being for years to come.

  • We balance the whole body microbiome by modulating endocannabinoid system which is a key element in maintaining the eating behavior in human.
  • Maximize results of your hormone therapy program. Your personalized nutrition program is integral to the success of your overall treatment because the foods you eat can enhance your fat burning hormones, which are vital components to weight loss. Combined with hormone optimization, we’ll help you reach and maintain your target weight and get you in the best shape possible.
  • Anti-Aging. Good nutrition is an essential part of any preventive age-management program to keep vitamins, minerals, your hormones and anti-oxidants at the highest level possible. Appetizing carotenoids, flavonoids, isoflavones, lignans, and omega-3 fatty acids can promote age-management and help fight cancer.
  • Increase your Performance. A large body of scientific evidence shows that proper nutrition, exercise, supplements and hormone optimization work hand-in-hand to promote fitness and increase physical performance.
  • A healthy immune system can produce miraculous results. By boosting your body’s immune function with proper nutrients, it fends off colds, bacteria, viruses, and even cancer. After we analyze your test results, our team of professionals will work with you on a regular ongoing basis to maximize your results using customized nutrition, targeted fitness programs, pharmaceutical-grade vitamins, supplements and natural bioidentical hormone therapy, if indicated. Once you incorporate the principles of our AgeVital Wellness Centers’ nutritional program into your life, you will quickly begin to feel better, look better, perform better and without a doubt transform yourself into the best health and shape of your life.

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