PrimeHealth™ Age-management Concierge Health Plan- $10,000

 PrimeHealth PREMIER Concierge Health plan- $15,000 PrimeHealth BIO-IDENTICAL HRT Concierge Health plan - $10,000
PrimeHealth Age-management Concierge Health Plan- $10,000 PrimeHealth WEIGHT LOSS AND FITNESS CONCIERGE PROGRAM - $2,000.00
PrimeHealth NUTRITIONAL MEDICINE - $2,000.00


PrimeHealth Age-management Concierge Health
Plan- $10,000

Dr. Jenny pioneered and developed AgeVital Wellness Centers as a smart, scientific way to help you look and feel great, enhance your health, increase your energy, and promote optimal well-being for years to come. The AgeVital Wellness Centers team will guide you through a unique medical experience de-signed to help patients reach remarkable health goals through preventative and age-management-medicine.

Our innovative PrimeHealth Age-management Programs includes:

  • Boosting positive body energy
  • Balancing and diversifying your gut and skin microbiome
  • Enhancing vital sex drive
  • Strengthening immunity
  • Maintaining body weight by balancing body fat/body muscle mass
  • Enhancing cognitive function,
  • Reducing the age-management process

AgeVital Wellness Centers are designed to address all these areas and more, helping you live a more satisfying and energetic lifestyle.

At our AgeVital Wellness Centers, you can count on progressive, evidence-based solutions for your health, which integrates preventive care with age-management medicine. Patients worldwide are experiencing dramatic changes in health and vitality with our AgeVital Wellness Centers’ We individualized programs, and you can too! Our focus is prevention and age-management medicine, which we combine with the power of early detection and cure of disease using the most advanced technology, laboratory, and hormonal evaluations available. We start by conducting a comprehensive evaluation to deter-mine your specific metabolism, endocrine system’s functionality, and overall physiology.

Next, we use age-management medicine to help your body function at the highest-possible energy level and slow the aging process. Our program is designed to minimize your risk of diabetes, heart disease, pulmonary disease, digestive diseases, dementia, stroke, and even cancer. We integrate a synergistic program of age-management medicine, disease prevention, weight management, sophisticated vitamin and nutraceutical supplementation, enhanced sleep patterns, individualized nutrition plans, targeted exercise, and (if our evaluation reveals) diminished levels hormone optimization.

AgeVital Wellness Centers are committed to promoting a higher-quality of life; preventing the onset of illness, slowing the aging process, and helping you live well longer.

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