Health Benefits of Progesterone

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Health Benefits of Progesteron

How to Manage Your Symptoms with Progesterone

There are many benefits of taking progesterone:

1. Improves mood and sleep. Due to the anti-depressant-like effect of its component allopregnanolone, which is a neurosteroid that directly targets GABA receptors in the brain, it promotes sleep. It influences the brain’s sleep centers, which makes it an effective treatment for premenstrual and menopausal insomnia.

2. Increases energy. Progesterone can stimulate the thyroid and rev up your metabolism. This is the reason why your body temperature may go higher when taking progesterone after ovulation. Further, it improves communication between the adrenal glands and hypothalamus to relieve adrenal fatigue or the HPA dysregulation.

3. Enhances the appearance of hair and skin. Progesterone lowers the level of androgen, or male hormone, by blocking the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. This results In less sebum or skin oil, shiny, healthy locks, and fewer breakouts

4. Prevents heavy menstrual period. Progesterone works by preventing the stimulating effect of estrogen on the uterine lining.

5. Lowers the risk of developing autoimmune disease. Progesterone lowers inflammation, supports detoxification enzymes, and supports immune function.

6. Prevents osteoporosis and muscle loss. It promotes production of osteoblasts, or the bone-building cells, and the growth of muscles.

7. Lowers the risk of developing certain cancers. Progesterone may counteract the stimulating effect of estrogen on the uterine and breast tissue. It is even considered to be a treatment for breast cancer.

8. Prevents weight gain and fluid retention. Progesterone may counteract weight gain and fluid retention due to estrogen dominance.

9. Protects the brain from damage. Progesterone plays a key role in protecting the brain and restoring it after a traumatic injury by repairing any damage on the myelin sheath. This helps protect the nerve fibers.

10. Pregnancy and fertility. Progesterone supports the growth of embryo and the fetus during pregnancy.